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Optical coatings

Corning SAS disposes of several vacuum coating machines and can propose following coatings on almost all types of glass shapes (prisms, lenses, filters, jewelry etc.).

We can customize coatings to very specific customer needs, based on wave length values / a transmission curve or a coated sample.

Our parts are developed and made to measure, do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical specification :

All product shapes from dimensional 10x10mm (or Ø 10) to 300x300 mm (or Ø 300) with a thickness between 2 and 40 mm.

Dichroic filters :

Dichroic filters are designed to select one colour from a lamp while keeping a maximum light intensity.

Infra-red & Anticaloric filters :

Infra red filters or heat filters are used with modern and powerful sources using halogen or Xenon. They protect lit equipment and downstream optics within affecting visible light intensity. Those filters usually improve visible light transmission as they have also anti-reflective properties.

Antireflective Coating :

SOVIS provides simple or multi-layer treatment according to the level of required transmission.It is possible to control the residual reflected colour.

Self Cleaning :


Others :

Glass coating can achieve other interesting functions such as cold mirrors, UV mirrors or filters, light temperature corrective filters, self cleaning or hydrophobic coating…. All upon request

Filtre Infra-red filters Antireflective coating layer
Study of optical coatings