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Rigid and flexible optical fiber

Corning SAS manufactures light guides using flexible optical glass optical fibres (silica fibre upon request).

Versatile manufacturing capabilities allows to offer various combination : single or bifurcated models, section conversion…

The bundle can be protected by a compression resistant sleeve and equipped of specific fittings for a perfect integration into the complete system.

Our parts are developed and made to measure, do not hesitate to contact us.

Optical fibre flexible light guides

Existing applications are : :

  • Medical analysis
  • Process control
  • Industrial measurement or detection
  • Nuclear industry
  • Aircraft equipment

Optical fibre multifibre glass rods

Rigid fused rods from Corning SAS combine the lighting precision of flexible fibres with the strong light intensity as well as life time of rigid rigid fibres. They also offer an optimal light transmission, as 100% of the section is made of glass.
This performance lasts through hundreds of autoclave sterilization cycles.

Their rigidity allows an easy assembly within the handpiece mechanical system, and quicker maintenance.

Applications :

Dental hand pieces

Technical specification :

  • Fibre N.A. : 0.55
  • Core refractive index 1.62
  • Developed length of fibre can be up to 120 mm
  • Rod diameter standard are 1.7 or 2.5 mm.
    Other diameter can be done upon request
  • No significant performance loss after hundreds of Autoclave sterilization cycles
Optical fibre