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X-Ray shielding panels


Protective Characteristics

Heavy elements: up to 70%, including 65% maximum of lead oxide.
Lead equivalence : see below.

Physical Properties

Density : 4,8 à 5,05 g/cm3
Refractive index (Nd) : 1,75 à 1,79
Light transmission (measured at 550 nm): more than 85% up to 11mm thickness.


Supercontryx is supplied in 4 standard thickness :

  • Supercontryx 2PB: thick. 7/8.5 mm, lead eq. > or = 2 mm under 150 Kvolts
  • Supercontryx 2.5PB: thick. 8.5/10 mm, lead eq. > or = 2.5 mm under 150 Kvolts
  • Supercontryx 3PB: thick. 11/13 mm, lead eq. > or = 3 mm under 150 Kvolts
  • Supercontryx 4PB: thick. 14/16 mm, lead eq. > or = 4 mm under 150 Kvolts


  • For Supercontryx 2PB: 2390 x 1180 mm max.
  • For Supercontryx 2.5PB: 1950 x 970 mm max.
  • For Supercontryx 3PB: 2390 x 1180 mm max.
  • For Supercontryx 4PB: 1950 x 970 mm max.
    • Supercontryx is cut to size on request.


Isolated inclusions are accepted up to 2 mm. Inclusions smaller than 0.1 mm are not taken into account. Veins visible to the naked eye through direct observation in normal incidence are not allowed. Polishing according to Building Quality for more details, please refer to Corning SAS procedures.

Standard Shaping

  • rough cut edges
  • all sharp edges polished
  • corners rounded-off
    • Other shapings on request


  • Double glazing unit (DGU)
  • Laminated assembly
  • bonding
  • drilling
X-Ray shielding panels

Special Applications

Glove box panels :

For this application, Supercontryx glass is supplied assembled with normal glass and drilled to allow the installation of glove rounds.

Cobaltherapy :

Several Supercontryx sheets can be assembled.
For thickenesses over 48mm, Supercontryx can be replaced with lead glass slabs.

Our parts are developed and made to measure, do not hesitate to contact us.