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SGG LUMICLEAN® Self cleaning and hydrophobic coating

SAINT GOBAIN SOVIS LUMICLEAN under the brand has developed a self-cleaning coating and hydrophobic can degrade organic and inorganic pollution deposited on the glass.

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The SGG LUMICLEAN® coating allows :

  • thanks to its high photocatalytic activity. SGG LUMICLEAN ® can therefore also be used in places with low UV or humidity exposure, like tunnels.
  • Elimination of stagnating water drops on the glass

SGG LUMICLEAN® is in line with a logic of sustainable development and also generates substantial savings :

  • When investing : Improvement of lighting efficiency allows,- in case of public illumination for example: to increase with constant illumination the spacing between light sources or to reduce the power of the lighting fixture.
  • When operating : Decrease in electricity consumption and reduction of cleaning frequency lead to lower maintenance costs and a limited use of chemical cleaning agents, all in a logic of sustainable development

Photocatalytic activity :

SGG LUMICLEAN® is a higher concentrated SGG BIOCLEAN® coating. It has a very high photocatalytic activity and is therefore efficient even with low UV light or humidity exposure

Technical specification :

SGG LUMICLEAN® can be deposited on glasses with the following characteristics :

  • Length: minimum 20 mm - maximum 1400 mm
  • Width: minimum 20 mm - maximum 500 mm
  • Flat or bent
  • Possibility of application on complex shapes
  • Glass supplied by customer or by SG SOVIS
  • The SGG LUMICLEAN® is transparent and colourless
  • It’s mechanical behaviour is compatible with most common cleaning and maintenance processes

Applications :

Outdoor lighting / illumination, tunnel lighting / illumination, outdoor video monitoring, etc.

Optional features :

  • Thermal or chemical tempering to resist to scratches or thermal shocks
Revêtement autonettoyant et hydrophobe Différence avec et sans revêtement